B.S. in Entrepreneurship

B.S. in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

The Rohrer Entrepreneurship Program mission is to educate Rowan University students to understand global economic, social, political, and environmental events, problems and opportunities as they impact emerging enterprises, non-profit entities and corporate extensions.

Annual Student Data
Fall 2019 Majors: 88
2018-2019 Graduates: 11

AACSB Accredited, our students are encouraged to understand entrepreneurship from global, national, local, and individual firm level perspectives and to learn the dynamics through which innovative individuals and teams recognize opportunity and decide to take action to create, finance, grow, staff, lead, motivate, and sustain their new ventures to create wealth and to enrich the world. 

Through the program requirements, students are infused with authentic information, valid conceptual frameworks and reliable models, and an emphasis on innovation and venture effectiveness using entrepreneurial problems, cases, and project-based learning. Students apply their knowledge, skills and values through faculty coordinated project-based learning experiences and course-based opportunities to engage in learning with individual entrepreneurs and their new and growing ventures.

Certificate Programs

In addition to the Bachelor of Science degree, the Rohrer College of Business offers several certificate programs entrepreneurship majors may be interested in.  The Certificate of Undergraduate Studies: Global Business will provide students with a broader understanding of the impact of a global economic environment on business functions.  Students will have a thorough understanding of the interdependencies between the functional/skill area of business when working in a global market.

Student Organizations

The Rowan Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization connects ambitious students to successful entrepreneurs, local startup events, and financial resources. More young adults are starting businesses now than ever before and with this increased attention, it is especially important to give students the opportunities to network not only with their student peers but with fellow entrepreneurs in the business world to promote entrepreneurship at all levels and in all environments. For more information regarding the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization contact President: Melvin Sheppard or Advisor: Dr. Lee Zane

Project Based Learning

Project based learning gives students the opportunity to work with clients such as BDO Seidman, Microsoft, Federal Aviation Administration to gain real world experience in the classroom. The PBL program relates to various functional areas and will require an appointed Rowan faculty Project Manager to facilitate goals, expectations, and requirements between the students and the client.

Career Opportunities and Outlook

Looking for Career Opportunities? Register on Profs Jobs or check out some of the resources below to learn more about a future in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship graduates are both employed in their own new ventures and in a variety of exciting professions across diverse industries. Rohrer Entrepreneurship alumni have founded companies which have been featured as INC's Fastest Growing.

  • Shoemaker Entertainment, LLC
  • Oasis Illusions
  • Leadnomics
  • J-Dogs Catering and Amusements
  • TroveHunt
  • Venture Apps
  • Clearview Washing, LLC
  • Wealth Ladder Investments
  • Hunter's Recipe Wild Game Rubs
  • DMS Network
  • Triangle Packaging Supply

These are just a few of the organizations that have hired Rohrer Entrepreneurship alumni:

  • Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Mars, Inc.
  • ModSpace Company
  • Target
  • Scottrade Inc.
  • Connell Mining Products
  • Brighton Cromwell, LLC


All current undergraduate students in the Rohrer College of Business are advised by professional advisors. Students may make appointments with their advisor using the Rowan Success Network powered by Starfish. 

For advising contact information, please visit the advising page

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