New Domestic Students

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New Domestic Students

Newly Admitted Domestic Students

The below noted Action Steps will help you most efficiently transition into your new role as a graduate business student. Please follow these steps carefully.

1. Review the New Student Onboarding Guide to get you started with your program.

2. Review the Graduate Business Student Handbook for additional policies and details on:
    • Career Resources
    • Campus Resources
    • Frequently Asked Questions on topics such as:
      • Foundation Courses
      • Tuition/Bills
      • Transferring in Graduate Credit
    • Additional Policies/Waivers

3. The Onboarding Guide will include next steps on contacting your Academic Advisory and helping you register for classes. 

4. RSVP for and attend a Small Group Orientation session. These meetings are informal and social gatherings where you'll get to know the Graduate Business Studies team, we'll get to know you, you'll meet other new students, and we'll share ideas on how to get the most out of your program. To view dates/times and RSVP, visit the Orientation Survey.

5. We encourage our students to go beyond the classroom to build relationships now that will serve you during your graduate studies - and throughout your career.  You don’t need to wait for classes to start or for the next Networking Event to begin connecting with other MBA, MS Finance, COGS and CAGS students. One action item you might want to consider is to freshen up your LinkedIn profile and then connect with members of RGSAAB (Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board). RGSAAB members are actively engaged in academics and shared community connections that elevate the student experience and the reputation of Rohrer Graduate Programs.

Again, congratulations and welcome to Rowan!