Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) & Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students and alumni in Rowan's Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree have several options for expanding their career path opportunities through gaining business knowledge and credentials for leadership roles in healthcare management, consulting, and administration. MSN students can potentially choose just an elective or two in business, pursuit of a Certificate, or completion of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Each of these graduate study opportunities include streamlined admissions, stacking of credentials, and flexibility in scheduling.

Rowan MSN students and alumni that ultimately apply to the MBA are also encouraged to consider applying to the MBA Fellowship in Nursing Leadership. MBA Fellows in Nursing Leadership are employed full time while studying part-time, enjoy scholarship funding, engage in professional development opportunities that fuel the transition from specialist to strategist, and begin to bring ideas to life for leveraging medical and business expertise to better support patients, patients’ families, local communities, and fellow professionals in medicine. 

 MBA Fellowship-Nursing Leadership

Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) in Business

Business Healthcare Track for Rowan Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Alumni

Gain business knowledge and acumen to prepare for leadership roles in medical fields, healthcare professions, and administration in the health economy sector.

Business COGS prepares healthcare professionals to more effectively:

  • Develop a business view of the healthcare industry
  • Establish productive and mutually beneficial working relationships with insurance companies, hospitals, regulatory agencies and other corporate partners
  • Assume leadership positions within for-profit and not-for-profit organizations (e.g. executive positions within insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, governmental organizations, professional societies, etc.)
  • Manage, motivate, and lead health services teams toward the best possible patient outcomes 
  • Become change agents and influencers for process improvement of any healthcare organization
  • Understand the medical, economic, regulatory and ethical complexities of the healthcare
  • Invest time and resources using conceptually-sound business decision-making practices
  • Analyze and refine promotion and marketing strategies
  • Pursue an accelerated gateway for students to earn an MBA


Business COGS Program Requirements and Schedule Options

  • Five (5) required courses for a total of fifteen (15) credits
  • The program is flexible in scheduling and delivery formats, allowing students to choose courses:
    • On the main campus in Glassboro (Fall and Spring)
    • On-site at Cooper Hospital in Camden (Fall and Spring)
    • Online (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
    • Hybrid: 50% online and 50% on campus in Mount Laurel (Fall, Spring, and Summer)




Credits (s.h.)

MGT 06500

Designing, Developing & Leading High Performance Orgs.


MIS 02500

Issues in Management Information Systems


ACC 03500

Managerial Accounting[1]


MGT 01510

Professional, Legal & Managerial Responsibilities  


MKT 09500

Marketing Management[2]



Special Benefits for Rowan MSN students – Business COGS and MBA

  • Streamlined application and expedited admission decision processes.
  • Upon completion of both the MSN and Business COGS program, up to 8 courses (24 credits/s.h.) from these graduate-level programs could be transferred into the MBA program.

Business COGS Tuition and Fees[3]

Tuition: $751 per credit/s.h.

Fees: $157.90 per s.h./ credit

Total: $908.90 per s.h./credit

Estimated total cost of five (5) courses in the COGS in the Business program: $13,633


Streamlined Business COGS Application Process for Rowan MSN Students and Alumni

  • Apply to the Business COGS using the Rowan Global Application Form
    • Waived for Rowan MSN alumni: application fee and undergraduate transcripts.
    • Required for Rowan MSN alumni:
      • Current professional resume
      • Degree conferral confirmation for Rowan MSN program
    • Once you’ve submitted all required components of your COGS application, please send an email to including your full name, phone number, student ID, and a statement that you would like to be considered for the expedited review process for the Business COGS Healthcare Track program for Rowan MSN Alumni.


Accelerated Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Following MSN and Business COGS Completion

  • Expedited application process: Completion of the Business COGS program with a 3.5+ GPA makes MBA applicants eligible for an expedited admission decision process, including waivers of GMAT, letters of recommendation, and application fee.
  • Accelerated MBA Degree completion: Potentially satisfy General MBA requirements with as few as four (4) additional graduate business courses (or 12 credits /s.h.).
  • The MBA program requires twelve (12) graduate business courses (or 36 credits/s.h.).
    • Transfers: All five (5) Business COGS credits earned can satisfy MBA requirements.
    • General MBA: Three (3) MSN courses can transfer to satisfy General MBA requirements.
    • Concentration: Three (3) additional courses required to be awarded a concentration in Accounting, Finance, Management, MIS, or Supply Chain and Logistical Systems.
    • Foundation Work: Additional courses are required for applicants that did not previously complete business undergraduate coursework. Please see the Graduate Program Foundation Fact Sheet for more information.


COGS and MBA Questions and Support 

Eligibility and advising

for Rowan MSN students

Carmen McDonald Ph.D., RN, AHN-BC, NEA-BC, NE-BC 

Senior Lecturer MSN Program at Rowan University   |  609-319-8340 (cell)  |  856-256-5180 (office) 


Academic program questions for COGS and MBA

Jennifer Maden, Assistant Dean and Director

Rohrer College of Business Graduate Programs at Rowan University  |   856-256-4024


Logistics and mechanics of the application process

Tendai Vengesa, Admissions Recruiter, Rowan University  |  856-256-5145




[1] Requires completion of a Foundation pre-requisite course of ACC 03405 Foundations of Accounting. See the Graduate Business Program Foundation Fact Sheet for options on satisfying these requirements.

[2] Requires completion of a Foundation pre-requisite course of MKT 09200 Principles of Marketing. See the Graduate Business Program Foundation Fact Sheet for options on satisfying these requirements.

[3] Quoted in 2018-2019 tuition dollars and subject to additional fees, foundation courses, and possible changes in tuition.