Fellowship Application Process

Fellowship Application Process

MBA Fellowship Eligibility, Application, and Selection


MBA Fellowship Eligibility Requirements

Industry Expertise

We are looking to welcome students into the MBA Fellowship program that have in-depth expertise in their particular field and require that students meet either or both of the following guidelines to be considered eligible:

  • Minimum two years of full-time professional experience in an industry related to the Fellowship or
  • For students currently enrolled at Rowan in a relevant graduate degree (e.g., Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Education) but with limited industry experience: Good academic standing and completion of at least the first half of a relevant Graduate Degree program is required. 

High-achieving Emerging Leader

Demonstration of initiative and commitment to excellence as evidenced by one or more of the following:

  • Progressive and responsible professional experience
  • Professional achievements such as innovative solutions introduced, procedures or systems optimized, problems identified and solved improving outcomes for stakeholders, etc.
  • Industry or academic awards
  • Active involvement with professional or graduate student organizations
  • Presentations at industry conferences
  • Participation in community service

New Students Seeking to Join the Rowan MBA

  • MBA and MSF Fellowship applications are accepted from New Applicants to the MBA and MSF program each semester (Fall application deadline is July 15, Spring application deadline is November 15, and Summer application deadline is April 15).
  • MBA and MSF Fellowship Applicants are encouraged to submit their completed Fellowship application no more than 5 business days after submitting their completed MBA application; this allows for the most efficient review by the MBA and MSF Fellowship Decision Committee.
  • Candidates must ultimately be admitted to the Rowan MBA in order to be designated an MBA Fellow.
  • Students transitioning from a COGS to the MBA or MSF programs are eligible to apply for an MBA or MSF Fellowship. A positive mindset and exemplary commitment to the Rohrer Graduate Business community throughout their time in the COGS program must be demonstrated for applications to be considered.
  • Continuing/returning MBA or MSF students are not eligible.  

Eager to Become an Active MBA Community Member

Rohrer MBA Fellows will be active participants in initiatives that further shape a culture in which students thrive through academic experiences and shared community connections. Applicants will show, or have shown, commitment to advancing the positive reputations of Rowan's Graduate Business Programs.

This might include support and collaboration for:

Local Community Impact

Preference will be given to applicants dedicated to making a positive impact in New Jersey and/or greater Philadelphia during and following MBA studies.


MBA Fellowship Application Components

Applicants will include all of the below in one (1) consolidated PDF for submission to the Selection Committee:

  • Resume or CV
  • Two letters of recommendation (LORs)
    • MBA Fellow applicants can use the same LORs for both the MBA Program Application and the MBA Fellows Application if desired.
  • Transcripts (unofficial records are acceptable)
  • Statement (max 750 words) articulating:
    • What is the role of business expertise in solving problems in your industry?
    • What is a critical issue in your industry that is of special concern to you, and how do you anticipate pursuit of an MBA as a complement to your work in that area?
    • What type of community involvements interests you most and in what ways would you pursue these interests? 
    • How would you contribute to the Rohrer College of Business as an emerging leader in your field during your MBA studies and as an alumnus?


MBA Fellowship Selection Process

  • A selection committee will review all Fellowship applicants. The selection committee includes faculty members from within the MBA Program, as well as Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board (RGSAAB) members.
  • Finalist candidates will be invited to a virtual interview with selection committee members to ensure a strong match and commitment to the College.


MBA Fellowship Application Process

  1. Compile all items noted above under “MBA Fellowship Application Components,” in the order indicated, into a single PDF file.
  2. Name the PDF file by: Last Name, First Name_MBA_Fellowship_Nursing.
  3. Send the completed file to GraduateBusinessStudies@rowan.edu with “MBA Fellowship Application – Title of Fellowship Type” in the subject line.
  4. In the email, please include your full name and contact information (phone, email, postal address), as well as confirming the status of your MBA application. This will help the MBA Fellows selection committee coordinate with the Admissions team and expedite the review of your application once it is complete.