MBA Fellowship - Innovations and Impact

MBA Fellowship - Innovations and Impact

MBA Fellowship - Innovations and Impact

Rohrer MBA Fellowships

The MBA Fellowship Program is made possible through the generosity of the William G. Rohrer Charitable Foundation.

The MBA Fellowship Program is designed for full-time professionals seeking to pursue the MBA part-time to complement expertise in Engineering, Medicine, and/or Innovations and Impact. MBA Fellowship applications are accepted from new applicants to the MBA program each semester (see MBA Fellowship Eligibility Requirements section below for details).

To be chosen for the prestigious status of a Rohrer MBA Fellow, awardees will demonstrate strong potential to lead corporate, not-for-profit, and/or government enterprises. Smart and talented high achievers in their current roles, MBA Fellows will know how to attain results. They are valued and respected by peers, supervisors, direct reports, and mentors. MBA Fellows are driven to accomplish great things and seek to advance and grow in alignment with Rohrer MBA Pillars: Entrepreneurial Thinking, Responsible Leadership and Social Impact, Business Analytics, and Technology Agility.

Rohrer MBA Fellows will be active participants in initiatives that further shape a culture in which students thrive through academic experiences and shared community connections. They will build strong networks at Rowan while collaborating with stakeholders such as the MBA Program Team in developing MBA networking opportunities or Expert Webinar series, the Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board, the Rowan Centers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Responsible Leadership, and Business faculty focused on research relevant to the industry expertise of the Fellow. The Fellows may also coordinate with the Rohrer Graduate Student and Alumni Advisory Board to serve as invited guest visitors to the Rohrer Executive Advisory Council meetings when graduate program topics are on the agenda. Fellows have the opportunity to focus on initiatives at Rohrer that best match their strengths and career aspirations.

Rohrer MBA Fellowship for Innovations and Impact

This fellowship supports the pursuit of an MBA by students driven to use business expertise to achieve improvements and positive impact in areas such as environmental challenges, economic and social equity, and corporate social responsibility.  Innovations and Impact Fellows are people committed to enhancing both firm and industry performance through the development and implementation of practices that maximize opportunity while minimizing the negative impacts operations have on the environment, people, and economic systems. A useful guiding framework are the principles noted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to “promote prosperity while protecting the planet.” Fellows seek to change the world for the better, and use measurable goals and objectives to show stakeholders that sustainable development is a successful business strategy.

Current professional or targeted career paths for graduate students might include: Sustainable Finance Director, Ethical Trade Manager, Sustainability Development, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Research and Reporting, Sustainability Engagement, Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Sustainability Marketing and PR, Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, Green Building Professionals, Finance Manager for Sustainability Solutions, Sustainable Project Architect, Sustainability Officers, LEED-Accredited Design Professional, Environmental Lawyer, Urban Farmer, Conservation Scientist, Urban Planner, or Corporate Sustainability Strategist.

Rohrer MBA Fellowship - Funding Awards
  • MBA Fellows are each granted a funding award upon being selected to participate in the program
  • Awards range from $1,500 - 5,000 total per student 
  • Awards are distributed over the lifetime of MBA studies on a semester-by-semester basis (evenly distributed across each graduate course taken)