Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships at Rowan University

Graduate Assistants are graduate students who provide academic and program support. GA responsibilities may be administrative in nature, consisting of duties that typically are not related to teaching or research. Such activities may include assisting with the administration of student services, participating in student recruiting, assisting in program planning, and advising undergraduate student groups. GA responsibilities may also be academic in nature, which may include assisting instructors with laboratory sessions and assignments, setting up displays for lectures or laboratory sections, and assisting researchers with the collection of data and bibliography. However, Graduate Assistants are not allowed to participate in instruction. Graduate Assistantships can be granted as full- or part-time during one single academic year (fall and spring terms).

There are multiple Graduate Assistant position openings each academic year. Students enrolled at Rowan can apply for positions across the university provided they have the skills needed for the position, and it is possible to apply to multiple positions simultaneously. However, it is a competitive application process, so there are no guarantees on placement into a position. 

  • A full-time GA requires a 20-hour per week commitment and receives tuition remission for 9 credits of course work related to his/her major or program, and a stipend each semester.
  • A part-time GA requires a 10-hour per week commitment and receives tuition remission for 6 credits of course work related to his/her major or program, and a stipend each semester.

More information can be found at Graduate Research Services and Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships Website.


Graduate Assistantships at Rohrer College of Business (RCB)

At present, there are no Graduate Assistant positions open within RCB. However, students interested in such opportunities are encouraged to contact the Academic Departments directly. To gain a general idea of the types of duties performed in these roles at RCB, review this sample Graduate Assistant Job Description. While the actual duties and role will vary by Department and academic year, this sample is useful for illustrative purposes.


Accounting / Finance: Business Hall, 4th Floor, Suite 445

Stephanie Weidman, Ph.D., Chairperson, (856) 256-4225,

Cindy Sykes, Administrative Assistant, (856) 256-4028,


Management / Entrepreneurship: Business Hall, 3rd Floor, Suite 345

Dilip Mirchandani, Ph.D., Chairperson, (856) 256-4048,

Administrative Assistant, (856) 256-4026


Marketing / Business Information Systems, Business Hall, 3rd Floor, Suite 349

Phillip Lewis, Ph.D., Chairperson, (856) 256-4298,

Kathleen Taddei, Administrative Assistant, (856) 256-4029,