Rohrer College of Business Awards 2022

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Rohrer College of Business Awards 2022

A Message from Assistant Dean Murtha

On behalf of the Rohrer College of Business, I want to congratulate all of our 2021-2022 award winners and scholarship recipients. The RCB faculty and staff are consistently in awe of the great accomplishments of our students and your ability to thrive in unprecedented circumstances. We want to let you know that we are proud of you and are excited to see what you accomplish in the future! You continue to make us Rowan Proud! 

I would also like to thank Sarah Moschini, Bureau of Business Associations (BOBA) Club President, for her hard work and dedication this year. Sarah, who is scheduled to be our student speaker at commencement, worked diligently with our student club members and RCB administration to help ensure her fellow students had fulfilling and memorable educational experiences. Thanks, Sarah, and congratulations Class of 2022!


Congratulations from the Rohrer College of Business Faculty and Staff!



Medallion Award Winners

Tevis M. Goldhaft Leadership Award

This award is in honor of Tevis M. Goldhaft, who served as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1968 to 1981. This award honors a business student who exhibits strong leadership, achieved academic success, participated actively and exhibited leadership in student organizations and  activities. 

Awarded to Alyssa Sepe, Marketing

Linda Ross Award for Entrepreneurial Engagement

This medallion has been established in honor of Dr. Linda Ross, a founding member of Rowan’s entrepreneurship program and prominent university leader. The Ross medallion is bestowed upon the Rowan student who is most engaged in and supportive of Rowan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Awardees do more than just show up to events or participate in programs; they are entrepreneurial leaders who give back more to Rowan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem than they ever hope to receive. 

 Awarded to James Benavente, Entrepreneurship

Leo C. Beebe Excellence in Marketing Management Award

This award is presented to a student who has shown excellence in marketing management. It is given in honor of Leo C. Beebe, who was a professor in the Rohrer College of Business from 1972 to 1985, and served as dean for most of those years.

 Awarded to Alia Elbanna, Marketing

Robert D. Lynch Award for Leadership in HR Management Award

Dr. Robert Lynch was a professor in the Department of Management and MIS until his retirement in 1999. This medallion has been established in his honor and is presented to a student who excels in the field of human resources management.

Awarded to Kenneth Ramos Colon, Psychology, Human Resources Minor

Joseph Robert Sorelle Scholar-Athlete Award for the College of Business

This award is in honor of Joseph R. Sorelle, a graduate of the Rohrer  College of Business, who was a member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bars. This award honors a College of Business student who not only achieved high academic success but also earned a varsity letter.

 Awarded to Cassidy Abdalla, Supply Chain and Logistics

Management Institute Outstanding Business Students

This award, donated by the Management Institute, is given to the student who excels in professional, volunteer, research and leadership activities in the Rohrer College of Business, has achieved academic success, and demonstrated leadership in student organizations and civic activities.

 Awarded to Sarah Moschini, Finance and Management

Professor Kimble Byrd  Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership

This Medallion is given in honor of Professor Kimble Byrd, a founding member of Rowan’s entrepreneurship faculty and prominent member of the business community. The medallion is established through the generosity of Greg Payton, a former student of Professor Byrd’s, who notes “Professor Byrd inspired me to think bigger and work harder. He emphasized the importance of service above self, academic achievement, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial mindset.” The recipient of this award embodies these very traits that Professor Byrd worked tirelessly to instill in his students.

 Awarded to Michael Weinberg, Engineering and Entrepreneurship

Margaret Van Brunt Business Award

Margaret Van Brunt served as the Assistant Dean in the Rohrer College of Business for over 20 years and recently retired in 2018. This medallion was donated by a College of Business alumni who was encouraged by Ms. Van Brunt to start his own business while he was a student. The medallion is awarded annually to a hard-working business student with an entrepreneurial mindset, who possess the strength of character and tenacity needed to thrive as a future business owner and plans to open their own business one day and create jobs for the betterment of society.

 Awarded to Julian Doroteo, Entrepreneurship


The Drs. Mark and Barbara Chamberlain Medallion Award for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program

This Medallion honors the exceptional achievements of an MBA program graduate. The recipient is chosen based on demonstrated strengths in academic performance combined with being an engaged MBA community member. The Chamberlain Medallion Awardee will also exhibit promise to be an excellent ambassador of the Rohrer MBA as an alumnus. As the awardee expands in career successes, the drive to advance and grow will be in alignment with Rohrer MBA Pillars of Entrepreneurial Thinking, Responsible Leadership and Social Impact, Business Analytics, and Technology Agility.

Awarded to Lauren Kirk, MBA


Annual Award

The Margaret Van Brunt Dedication to Excellence Award

This award is presented annually to a Rohrer College of Business student who has been identified by their peers as exemplifying the traits of former Assistant Dean Margaret Van Brunt: a passion for the advancement of the Rohrer College of Business community and an unwavering commitment to the success of business students.

 Awarded to Sarah Moschini, Finance and Management


Professors of the Year

 Professor of the Year, Accounting and Finance 

Quotes from Students:

  • "Great professor. She is very helpful and caring and makes the course a reasonable difficulty."
  • "Knows her stuff! Always responds to emails super fast! Took her 3 times for 3 different classes and all of them I really enjoyed. She has great experience in the working field and uses great examples for her courses! Overall just a great teacher and person!"
  • "Professor was very helpful during the FIC3 auditing competition. She spent her free time after-hours helping with the competition by utilizing software like Webex and Zoom. Professor Lysak truly reaches out to her students to make sure they succeed, even in extracurricular tasks like the FIC3 competition."
  • "She is so understanding and whenever I would come to office hours it felt like she was my tutor not only a professor. She made auditing a wonderful experience to forgo. I went from getting an 80 on my first exam to getting a 94 on my second and I'm sure my final will be even better. So glad I chose Professor Lysak for Auditing."


Amy Lysak

 Professor of the Year, Accounting and Finance 

Quotes from Students:

  • "Because of The way he truly cares about his student's success."
  • "He’s amazing."
  • "Uses feedback to help students get through difficult classes or problems we may have."


William McGrath

Professor of the Year, Management & Entrepreneurship Department

Quotes from Students:

  • "Great professor."
  • "Relates lectures to real-world situations and forms connections with his students."
  • "Best professor I ever had for legal environment and aspect. His teaching method is well informative and he shows how the real world operates. I highly recommend other students choose Professor Dominy for those classes. You will learn."


John Dominy

Professor of the Year, Management & Entrepreneurship Department

Quotes from Students:

  • "Because she is very kind, straightforward, and dedicated to the success of her students."
  • "Great professor, very responsive with students and gives great feedback."
  • "Dr. Farro’s thorough understanding of the course content always translated into an enthusiastic lecture that never failed to grab my attention."

 Andrea Farro

Andrea Farro

Professor of the Year, Management & Entrepreneurship Department

Quotes from Students:

  • "Professor Roh was a very dedicated professor to his students. He made it clear that if you were in his class, you were going to learn the material. Nothing was easily achieved but he wanted to ensure you succeeded. He taught not only the material for the class but skills that would be useful in our future careers. Professor Roh is ahead of his time with the applications he teaches and he maintains high expectations for his students. If I could take more classes with him, I would simply because of his demeanor and attitude towards his students. Outside of teaching, Professor Roh makes time for his students and makes sure to check in with them. Personally, I played frisbee with him and another student because he arranged for us to have some free time before finals. It was fun and a well needed break from the stress of finals. He asks his students about their future goals, what they have achieved thus far, and offers his help in any way he can. It's inspiring and encouraging to be one of Professor Roh's students."
  • "I loved Professor Roh’s online Operations Management. Many other students in other OM sections had a very difficult time and disliked their class. My experience was the polar opposite with Professor Roh. He made the rather difficult topics easy and enjoyable to learn."

 James Roh

James Roh

Professor of the Year, Marketing & Business Information Systems Department

Quotes from Students:

  • "Dr. Nicholson is not only my favorite professor but the best teacher I have ever had in 18 years of school. He genuinely cares about his students, has a passion for what he teaches, has great life experience, is so real with his classes, is always approachable, and will offer guidance however possible. The absolute best."
  • "Just a great professional. Has a great calming sense to him when he teaches! Always willing to help.
  • "Awesome professor who can really connect with his students."
  • "Great all around Professor."
  • "He is a teacher that you can tell genuinely cares about his students."


Darren Nicholson

Professor of the Year, Marketing & Business Information Systems Department

Quotes from Students:

  • "She is just the best professor I’ve had."
  • "She is super caring about her students and her courses are always enjoyable."
  • "Best application of marketing principles out of any marketing class I have taken."
  • "She is the most helpful and personable professor I've had. It's clear she wants each of her students to succeed."
  • "I had Professor Kendrick a few semesters back, she was always clear and concise and really helped me enjoy marketing as a whole."

Colleen Kendrick

Colleen Kendrick

Adjunct Professor of the Year


Garrett Rattle
Garrett Rattle

Adjunct Professor of the Year

Bruce Puckett
Bruce Puckett

Accounting Student Writing Competition Winners

First Place

Brandon Dolbow

Second Place

Jake Carlson

Third Place

Brielle Eck'Art

Honorable Mention

Morgan Justus

Honorable Mention

Abbie LePow Macario 

Honorable Mention

Ethan Ochital


2022 Idea Challenge

Faculty Judged Category


First Place, $2,000 winner: BioBottle

BioBottle combats excessive plastic waste in healthcare facilities by creating a pill bottle using agave bioplastic.

  • John Knudsen, Management
  • Jessica Vankawala, Biomedical Engineering
  • Lucas Crain, Music Industry
  • Dean Badalamenti, Pre-Business
  • Danielle Leone, Marketing
  • Thomas Brown, Finance

Second Place, $1,000 winner: BuzzBlock

The BuzzBlock app evaluates eye movement for intoxication and acts as a gatekeeper to delay online activity. 


  • Michael Iuliano, Finance
  • Connor Smith, Exercise Science

Third Place, $500 winner: Frugo

Frugo is an on-the-go smoothie packet that consists of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables in a readily available powered mix.

  • Dallas Addis-Hartsough, Pre-Business
  • Makara Napoli, Biomedical Engineering
  • Turon Wuji-Fisher, Entrepreneurship
 People's Choice Category  

First Place, $2,000 winner: Off Campus

Off Campus is an app for new college students. It helps them get accustomed to life on their own outside of the classroom.

  • Laura Nyanankpe, Psychology
  • Nicolette Kelhower, Nutrition
  • Anika Mittal, Management and Entrepreneurship 
  • Isabel Rivera, Engineering and Entrepreneurship 
  • Griffin Roughgarden

Second Place, $1,000 winner: 4U Medical Design

4Umedicaldesigns designs medical devices to look more child friendly and less scary. Our stickers do not cover any medical information.

  • Nicholas Nastasi, Business Management

Third Place, $500 winner: Enliven

Enliven hosts events and parties that reduce stress and depression and, through dancing and music, improves mental health.

  • Phillip Drebick, Mechanical Engineering
  • Chen Zayden, Computer Science


2022 Rohrer New Venture Competition & Expo 

 2022 Rohrer New Venture Competition  

First Place, $4000 winner: Aeriform

Faster, Cheaper, and More Accurate UAV Photogrammetry, Surveying, and Inspection Solutions.

  • Douglas Hartmann

Second Place, $2,500 winner: 4U Medical Designs

Our mission is to reduce medical anxiety and fear, by decorating dismal medical devices like IV Bags and Syringes to look more child friendly.

  • Nicholas Nastasi

Third Place, $1000 winner: Art for Hope

Receive hope while giving hope through D.I.Y paint parties, mental health-based classes, and creatives' memberships!

  • Ashley Kulikowski
 2022 New Venture Expo  
Best in Show: PULLATracker
  • Siena Rampulla
People's Choice: Dog for a Day
  • Aidan Coakley
Best Pitch: 4U Medical Desings
  • Nicholas Nastasi
Most Promising New Venture: Aerifrom
  • Douglas Hartmann
Best Brand Identity: East Coast Jewels
  • Madison Mahon


The stARTup Gallery 

First Place
  • Tyler Allen-Williams
Second Place
  • Isabella Shainline
Third Place
  • Dayna Stauts


2022 ProjectNest Competition Winners

 First Place, $500: "My Heart
  • Srujan Dadi
  • Michael Clancy
 Second Place, $350: "Factor of Four" 
  • Rhea Bhargava
  • Jaime Dougherty
  • Meghan Foos
  • Brandy Gotti
 Third Place, $250: "Rowan SOM Central"
  • Edward Lai
  • Jay Feldman
  • David Lo


Scholarship Winners

Howard F. Beckwith and Rachel A. Beckwith Endowed Scholarship

Nicole Bertollo

Leo C. Beebe Scholarship

Jose Lara 

Leo C. Beebe Scholarship Alexandria Kerr
Leo C. Beebe Scholarship

Michael Mancinelli

Michael Mancinelli

Calabrese Family Scholarship

Dallas Addis-Hartsough

Dallas Addis-Hartsough

Richard Craver Scholarship in Accounting Tanairy Rodriguez
Cumberland Insurance Group Scholarship

Connor Schwartz

DiVittorio Family Scholarship in Accounting and Finance TBD
Sunny Dublick Annual Scholarship in Marketing

Anna S. DeMasi

Gene D'Orazio Annual Scholarship in Business

Shawn Workman

Eagle Management Group Scholarship

Zachary Clark

Eagle Wealth Strategies Scholarship

Reese Giannini

Eagle Wealth Strategies Scholarship


Mitchell Dudak

Eagle Wealth Strategies Scholarship Isabella Lackey
Sharon Edwards Scholarship

Valentina Giannattasio

Sharon Edwards Scholarship

Haley Morison

Finance Department Scholarship

Ryan Kasmer

Anthony J. Galvin Scholarship Dominic Thomas
Marie T Holland Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Ambika Vig

Holman Automotive Group Scholarship Paul Pagano
Blaise Iaconelli Management Information Systems Scholarship

Jared Lichter

Robert D. Lynch MBA Scholarship

Kellie Stout

John P. Maas Family Scholarship TBD
Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship

Kyle Conklin

Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship

Jakob Oltman

Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship Alexandria Kerr
Sean and Danielle McCarthy Auunal Scholarship in Accounting

Brandon Dolbow

Sandra R. Mozze-Smith Scholarship in Accounting 

Jiaxin Li

Neal Asbury Scholarship

Christopher Burton

Christopher Burton

Robert and Deana Palmer Scholarship in Business

Calysta Laurente

Dr. Robert Pritchard Scholarship Kevin Quinn
Dr. Robert Pritchard Scholarship

Joseph Sokolowski

Edward Remster Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship

Megan Steckler

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship

Olivia Nolan

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship

Osvaldo Rosi Mejia 

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship

Ayushi Joshi 

Dr. George Romeo Annual Scholarship in Accounting

 Michael Cosentino

Michael Cosentino

Gerald Shreiber Scholarship David Simpson
Gerald Shreiber Scholarship

Samantha Leone

Gerald Shreiber Scholarship

Samantha Gurcsik

Samantha Gurcsik

Rob and Angela Sontz Endowed Scholarship in Accounting Trevor Brown
Mark Spinelli Accounting Excellence Scholarship

Dan Bottiglieri

Robert F and Mary A Sweeney Endowed Scholarship in Business

Daniel J. Dormanen

Vanguard Adjusters Group Scholarship in Business

Samantha Gross

Vogel and Woods Merit Scholarship

Isabella Giampetro

WilkinGuttenplan CPAs & Advisors Annual Scholarship

Julia Ott

Matthew Uhl Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Matthew McSweeney


External Scholarship Winners

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) National Scholarship

Kevin Garcia