Rohrer College of Business Awards 2020

Rohrer College of Business Awards 2020

Commencement 20


A Message from Assistant Dean Murtha

Assistant Dean Karen Murtha

On behalf of the Rohrer College of Business, I want to congratulate all of our 2019-2020 award winners and scholarship recipients. The RCB faculty and staff are consistently in awe of the great accomplishments of our students and your ability to thrive in unprecedented circumstances. Though we could not formally celebrate these successes at our annual award ceremony this year, we want to let you know that we are proud of you and are excited to see what you accomplish in the future!  You continue to make us Rowan Proud! 

I would also like to thank Alex Boyko, Bureau of Business Associations (BOBA) Club President, for his hard work and dedication this year.  Alex, who was scheduled to be our student speaker at commencement, worked diligently with our student club members and RCB administration to help ensure his fellow students had fulfilling and memorable educational experiences.  Thanks, Alex, and congratulations Class of 2020!



 Medallion Award Winners

Tevis M. Goldhaft Leadership Award

This award is in honor of Tevis M. Goldhaft, who served as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1968 to 1981. This award honors a business student who exhibits strong leadership, achieved academic success, participated actively and exhibited leadership in student organizations and  activities. 

Awarded to Michael Likogiannis, an Accounting and Finance dual major. Likogiannis

Linda Ross Award for Entrepreneurial Engagement

This medallion has been established in honor of Dr. Linda Ross, a founding member of Rowan’s entrepreneurship program and prominent university leader. The Ross medallion is bestowed upon the Rowan student who is most engaged in and supportive of Rowan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Awardees do more than just show up to events or participate in programs; they are entrepreneurial leaders who give back more to Rowan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem than they ever hope to receive. 

Awarded to Melvin Sheppard, an Entrepreneurship and Management dual major.


Leo C. Beebe Excellence in Marketing Management Award

This award is presented to a student who has shown excellence in marketing management. It is given in honor of Leo C. Beebe, who was a professor in the Rohrer College of Business from 1972 to 1985, and served as dean for most of those years.

 Awarded to Gabriella St. L. Moreira, a Marketing and Management dual major.


Robert D. Lynch Award for Leadership in HR Management Award

Dr. Robert Lynch was a professor in the Department of Management and MIS until his retirement in 1999. This medallion has been established in his honor and is presented to a student who excels in the field of human resources management.



Awarded to Alyssa Sikorski, a Human Resource Management and Management dual major.


Joseph Robert Sorelle Scholar-Athlete Award for the College of Business

This award is in honor of Joseph R. Sorelle, a graduate of the Rohrer  College of Business, who was a member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bars. This award honors a College of Business student who not only achieved high academic success but also earned a varsity letter.



Awarded to Jessica Beck, an Accounting major with an Honors concentration.


Management Institute Outstanding Business Students

This award, donated by the Management Institute, is given to the student who excels in professional, volunteer, research and leadership activities in the Rohrer College of Business, has achieved academic success, and demonstrated leadership in student organizations and civic activities.



Awarded to William Sikora, an Accounting and Finance dual major.

Bill Sikora

Professor Kimble Byrd  Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership

This Medallion is given in honor of Professor Kimble Byrd, a founding member of Rowan’s entrepreneurship faculty and prominent member of the business community. The medallion is established through the generosity of Greg Payton, a former student of Professor Byrd’s, who notes “Professor Byrd inspired me to think bigger and work harder. He emphasized the importance of service above self, academic achievement, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial mindset.” The recipient of this award embodies these very traits that Professor Byrd worked tirelessly to instill in his students.



Awarded to Joshua Sivel, an Entrepreneurship and Marketing dual major.



Annual Award

The Margaret Van Brunt Dedication to Excellence Award

This award is presented annually to a Rohrer College of Business student who has been identified by their peers as exemplifying the traits of former Assistant Dean Margaret Van Brunt: a passion for the advancement of the Rohrer College of Business community and an unwavering commitment to the success of business students.


Awarded to Stephanie Revas, Accounting major



Professors of the Year

Professor of the Year, Marketing & Business Information Systems Department

 Quotes from students:

"Professor Milovich is a great professor who goes into detail and makes sure that the students are engaged and know the exact material. No trickery involved, just straight forward learning, would 100 percent take his class again."

"Professor Milovich brings a lot of experience from his years in corporate America to help students understand how the course ties into various career paths."


Michael Milovich

Professor of the Year, Management & Entrepreneurship Department

Quotes from students:

"Throughout the quarantine Professor Dominy is keeping students engaged not only in his class but on social media, anybody who has taken any of his classes follow his Instagram to receive up to date information. The college Instagram and even the university Instagram use his posts on the regular."

"Professor Dominy was an amazing professor. I had him for Legal Environments of Business and he knew the material in and out. He is also a very fair professor and truly does care about all of his students."


John Dominy

Professor of the Year, Accounting & Finance Department

 Quotes from students:

"Professor McGrath is much more than just a teacher. He is a mentor and someone who genuinely cares about the success of his students. Without his support, I would’ve never had to opportunity to land an internship and full time offer with KPMG."

"Professor McGrath is very knowledgeable and experienced. He also cares a lot about his student's career and success. Overall, excellent professor."


Bill McGrath

Adjunct Professor of the Year

 Quotes from students:

"Professor Garrett Rattle brings real, meaningful insights to every class and provides students with the opportunity to develop deep understandings of the topics he covers. Professor Rattle is a phenomenal professor and a resounding resource."

"This is my first time having Professor Rattle but I have to say that I am extremely grateful to have taken the chance of selecting Staff during registration. This is another professor who genuinely cares for his students especially during this pandemic." 

Garrett Rattle

Garrett Rattle


Accounting Student Writing Competition Winners

First Place Winner


Brianna Vechesky

Second Place Winner


Arkadiy Reydman

Third Place Winner


Tyler Bell

Honorable Mention


Jessica Beck

Honorable Mention


Skylar Gentilini


2019 Idea Challenge

First place, $4,000 winner: Tangible 3D Solutions provides a service that offers 3D Printed Ultrasound Models to parents and families who want to enhance their pregnancy through the power of touch Tangible 3D Solutions team members include:
  • Benjamin Taylor, mechanical engineering
  • Nicole Testa, nutrition and dance
Second Place, $2,000 winner, ChronoCare, which would provide a technology platform for hospitals to improve their compliance with federally mandated treatment standards. ChronoCare team members include:
  • Liam Cutri-French, civil and environmental engineering
  • Augustino Scozo, biomedical engineering
  • Christopher Contos, finance
  • Matthew Cangemi, electrical and computer engineering
  • Issam Mardini, finance
Third place, $1,000 winner, SafeQuest is looking to revolutionize campus safety through an application built for the modern student. SafeQuest’s user-friendly application is comprised of four main features that will help students whether they need the police, need their friends, are walking, or getting in an Uber. SafeQuest team members include:
  • Chris Carras, mechanical engineering
  • Stephen Kovarik mechanical engineering
  • Mark Hausman, mechanical engineering
  • Nicole Cier, creative writing


2020 Rohrer New Venture Competition

First Place, $4,000 winner ChronoCare, a mobile application and desktop analytics
software platform dedicated to helping hospitals increase their compliance with government mandated treatment protocols.

Presented by

  • Issam Mardini
  • Evan Pierce
  • Augustino Scorzo
  • Matthew Cangemi
  • Liam Cutri-Frenc
  • Christopher Contos
Second Place, $2,000 winner, SafeQuest,  revolutionizing Campus Safety through an application built for today's student.

Presented by

  • Chris Carras
  • Stephen Kovarik
Third Place, $1,000 winner, Generazione, an Italian marinara sauce company that uses garden to table and small batch ideology to deliver a great tasting product.

Presented by

  • Jimmy Benavente
Honorable Mention, $250 winner, Konay Spice, makes seasoning easy and takes your tastebuds on a cultural spice trip.

Presented by

  • Malicka Barro
Honorable Mention, $250 winner, Biodome, a sophisticated adaptation to indoor farming, bringing sourced, organic produce to cities, and cutting the carbon footprint of the agriculture industry.

Presented by

  • Jerah Siegal


2020 ProjectNest Competition Winners

1st place – Rowan Community Health Center Colon Cancer Screening Initiative - Our clinic is now able to rapidly and cost-effectively screen patients for colorectal disease, a service the Lindenwold community would otherwise have a large barrier to receiving.
  • Patrick J. Tempera
  • Maria Rita Anache
  • Victoria Ieradi 

2nd place – Online Mental Health Counseling Services for Rowan University Students - We propose that the University partners with an online service that can connect students to live, licensed counselors through a smartphone app.  

  • Paul Malaran
  • Stuti Parikh
  • Sana Farhat
  • Stephen Poos
3rd place – RowanTalks - We would offer an mobile app where patients can answer questionnaires and speak with a physician. In addition we would offer mental health services, especially to Rowan Undergraduate and graduate students who often are in need of those services.
  • Shazeb Ahmed
  • Ronak Bharucha
  • Ashish Jain
  • Ammar Nasir
  • Swet Patel


Marketing and Business Information Systems

Professionalism Awards

Excellence in Professionalism Award
  • Madison Jenkins
  • Dan Ryan
  • Brooke Scarpati
  • Mikaela Reilly
  • Jenna Day
  • Anthony Imperiale
  • Michael Daniele
  • Erin Fulmore
Professionalism Award
  • Laura Bartoli
  • Joseph Spino
  • Dwight Moran
  • Megan Jacobi
  • Kevin Lane
  • Celia Sokolofski
  • Jenna Pumphrey



Scholarship Winners

Leo C. Beebe Scholarship 


Lacey Madden

Leo C. Beebe Scholarship


Alyce Smith

Leo C. Beebe Scholarship 


Tyler Bell

Cumberland Insurance Group Scholarship


Amber Kramer

Cumberland Insurance Group Scholarship


Kyle Rothwein

Eagle Management Group Scholarship


Rebekah Fannon

Eagle Wealth Strategies Scholarship


 Reese Giannini

Eagle Wealth Strategies Scholarship


Jerah Siegal

Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Service Scholarship


Tanvi Koduru

Anthony Galvin Scholars


Jakob Oltman

Holman Automotive Group Scholarship


Jaden Sinondon

Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship


Faith Stewart

Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship


Kelly Sullivan

Marie T. Holland Entrepreneurship Scholarship


Kevin Baker

Dr. Robert Pritchard Scholarship


 Sam Mardini

Dr. Robert Pritchard Scholarship


Dakota DeMaise

Dr. George Romeo Annual Scholarship in Accounting


John Locascio

Edward Remster Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship


 Joseph Crincoli

Gerald Shreiber Scholarship


Jacqueline Delorenzo

Gerald Shreiber Scholarship


Caitlin Maurer

Matthew Uhl Entrepreneurship Scholarship


 Kevin Baker

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Maksim Berlenbach

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Abbie Lepow-Macario

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Alexandra Herschman

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Genesis Roman

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Jahanvi Patel

Rohrer College of Business Scholarship


Lindsey Sowers

Robert D. Lynch MBA Scholarship


Kaitlyn Anthony

John P. Maas Family Scholarship


Dylan Laureys

Blaise Iaconelli Management Information Systems Scholarship


Michael Nardone

Mark Spinelli Accounting Excellence Scholarship


Julia Saffaye

Bob and Deanna Palmer Scholarship


Madison Kelly

Sharon Edwards Scholarship


Dominica Veneziano

Greg Angelucci RCB Veterans Scholarship


Timothy Fleischer

Anthony DiMedio Memorial Scholarship

Sam Gross

Samantha Gross

Vanguard Adjustors Group Scholarship

Sam Gross

Samantha Gross

Marion Fulginiti-Dragani Memorial Scholarship

Milah Blunt



Calabrese Family Scholarship 

 Gianluca Fischioni

Gerald Shreiber Scholarship

Matthew Mahoney

Management Institute-Foundation Scholarship

Richard Fieramosca

Greg Angelucci RCB Veterans Scholarship

Jordan Wisser

Sharon Edwards Scholarship

Natalie Bevan

Jonathan LaCrosse Scholarship

Amber Kramer


External Scholarship Winners

Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Scholarship (PCOB)

  • Jaden Sinondon
Berkman Marketing Scholarship
  • Glenn Young 
  • Gabriella Moreira
  • Alyssa Sepe
  • Alison Bradbury
  • Erin DeBiasse
  • Allyssa Malony
  • Erika Tullo
  • Kenneth Chinjen
Berkman Veteran Scholarship
  • Brett Hopkins
  • Nicholas Weathers
  • Rasheed McCord
  • Samuel Job
  • Rafael Campos
  • Angela Gallagher
  • Michael Maggio
  • Benny Bryant 
  • Kenneth Chinjen
New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA)
  • Jessica Beck
Philadelphia Philanthropic Society for Information Management Foundation Inc. (PHISIM) Scholarship
  •  Madison Rydholm
Tri-State Human Resources Management Association Scholarship
  • Kaitlyn Anthony
  • Zachary Levey
Surgent CPA Review 100% Essentials Course
  • Kyle Wright
  • Matthew Enzman
  • Hannah Sapp